Coach Jennifer Dumnich

First impressions are everything! The positive energy and light that Kim Worrall brings with her first impression are nothing short of amazing. I had my first interaction with her just a few short days ago from across the globe and I was immediately drawn to her as someone that I want as part of my life; as a coach, a business partner, and a friend. Kim pours her heart and soul into her actions and is bringing change to people’s lives in a beautiful way!

Co-Founder at CraigandJennyD

Anne Fuller-Good

I can highly recommend Kim. She is the most incredible entrepreneur – I have known her for many years now and been in awe of her ability to start, run and grow businesses with incredible vision and energy.

Kim is one of the most empathetic and loving people I have ever met. She really cares deeply that other people fulfil their potential and rise above the challenges that hold them back. And she has made it her life purpose to do this.

Kim’s work with disadvantaged children and those who have been affected by crime has received acclaim throughout our community. Her ability to relate to others and step in alongside them with empathy truly enables her to help others define and identify who they really are and their purpose in the world. Kim helps people to live their brilliance by her willingness to see their greatness within and her ability to help those people see their own greatness within.

I can highly recommend Kim and Eyeshine. I have no doubt that through it she will grow and develop all who come into contact with it. All who meet Kim eventually realise how fortunate they are that she has crossed their life path.

Organisational Coach

Coach Joey Falcone

After meeting with Kim Worrall from The Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation (NPO) to discuss creating a powerful and engaging marketing and branding plan, I knew she was the real deal.  Her receptiveness to the information shared between us was amazing and the time I spent with her has restored my faith in humanity.  Kim has shown me there are still truly good people in this world.  All in all a very successful coaching session, many thanks for being coachable.

The JTFoxx Organisation, USA

Dene Botha

I met Kim a few years back and immediately saw her relentless passion for life, her family, and the kids she was working with through her Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation. Since then I have watched her grow on every level possible and continue to inspire myself and those she works with. Her excitement and enthusiasm grew even more after her JT Foxx training session last year in CT and now I see her as this formidable force eager and determined to be successful in whichever way she decides to use it. Watch out world, Kim Worrall’s coming for you!

Managing Director - Pridefactor. MC and Model

Mbulelo Ntlanga

I met Kim Worrall over a year ago when I decided to join and teach Drama and Musical Theatre at Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation. Kim spearheads this organisation for needy and disadvantaged children in Houtbay, Cape Town. She is a mentor not only to hundreds of children at Amoyo, but also to the parents and her colleagues alike who highly respect and appreciate her advice on self- development in their daily lives. Kim is much more than a life/business coach. She’s a friend, a mentor, a mother, and a professional.

She’s a pleasure to work with, and has strong leadership qualities. Her honesty and kindness amongst other attributes, stand out for me. As a professional Actor/Singer, I understand how vital it is for anyone to establish and maintain a trustworthy relationship in business and more so in life. The fact that most of the children Kim Worrall works with at Amoyo entirely trust and depend on her, to give guidance and confidence with respect, this says a lot about her. She genuinely cares.

Because of the reasons I stated on this testimonial. I strongly recommend Kim Worrall as an outstanding role model who has touched my life within a short period of time I’ve met her, and has changed and continue to inspire young lives. I believe that Kim Worrall can and will, turn anyone’s life, if given an opportunity. I’m forever grateful to have met and work with this woman, who I highly respect and admire.

Actor / Singer, South Africa

Marilyn & Jovan

We would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent work you have done in keeping our marriage/relationship fresh, alive and together. Using your exercises and the resources you gave us has helped us in learning each other’s triggers and helping to understand why we react the way we do.

Since acting on your coaching as a couple we have been making a greater point to talk more frequently about our goals and do more things together as well as deciding on what we want to achieve individually. For the first time in 7 years of knowing each other, 3 years of living together and 1 year of being married we were able to visualise our future together.

For a long time I felt I knew my hubby but I was wrong. Your exercises helped to rediscover and reconnect with the person I fell in love with and also learn things about myself. Not a day goes by without your name being mentioned in our house. We love you so much Kim!

We hope other couples can experience the help you provided us.


A newly married couple, Cape Town, South Africa

Siphelele Mblashwa

Each and every day I can’t believe how I have grown as a person compared to the person I used to be.  When I lost my mother I had the mentality that everything was unfair and that I will never become the person I want to be, I didn’t believe in myself, I couldn’t speak!  Until I met you who taught me about life.

You believed in me from the very first time you saw me, you taught me how to speak by standing up tall without fear.  You taught me about the word ‘failure’, how it grows a person from nothing to something if they rise above it and learn from it.  Because of you I have lots of opportunities, I understand the how, why, what and when of behaviour and now I am free from the negative influences others were having on my life. I have much more confidence, you gave me a very special way to relate to people around me and to relate to myself.

I now realise that the world is beyond what I thought, knew or believed.  Through you I have learnt to set big goals for myself and to motivate myself even more and to flourish!”

Student age 20, South Africa

Onela Metuso

The first time I met Kim I knew I was going get stuck in her life because she came across firm but positive. I was so closed up in my world, yet she treated me like I knew everything. That is one of her ways of saying “Yes you can Onela” She has motivation in her eyes. You would notice by the change of her voice when that she is emotional because she sees beauty, passion and talent in someone else. She would  want you to put it all out and if it’s not your talent she would kindly and patiently force you to open your other hand.

Her mentor-ship to me is more of a training of the principles of life, that influenced me to do things with purpose and meaning. With every motive she gives you she follows it up with her own real life story. She said to be grateful for the people around you building you up. Her ways formed me to this person I am today. She is an inspiration. She taught me how to stand up and rise because I can.

Student, Cape Town, South Africa