Each and every day I can’t believe how I have grown as a person compared to the person I used to be.  When I lost my mother I had the mentality that everything was unfair and that I will never become the person I want to be, I didn’t believe in myself, I couldn’t speak!  Until I met you who taught me about life.

You believed in me from the very first time you saw me, you taught me how to speak by standing up tall without fear.  You taught me about the word ‘failure’, how it grows a person from nothing to something if they rise above it and learn from it.  Because of you I have lots of opportunities, I understand the how, why, what and when of behaviour and now I am free from the negative influences others were having on my life. I have much more confidence, you gave me a very special way to relate to people around me and to relate to myself.

I now realise that the world is beyond what I thought, knew or believed.  Through you I have learnt to set big goals for myself and to motivate myself even more and to flourish!”