The first time I met Kim I knew I was going get stuck in her life because she came across firm but positive. I was so closed up in my world, yet she treated me like I knew everything. That is one of her ways of saying “Yes you can Onela” She has motivation in her eyes. You would notice by the change of her voice when that she is emotional because she sees beauty, passion and talent in someone else. She would  want you to put it all out and if it’s not your talent she would kindly and patiently force you to open your other hand.

Her mentor-ship to me is more of a training of the principles of life, that influenced me to do things with purpose and meaning. With every motive she gives you she follows it up with her own real life story. She said to be grateful for the people around you building you up. Her ways formed me to this person I am today. She is an inspiration. She taught me how to stand up and rise because I can.