I met Kim Worrall over a year ago when I decided to join and teach Drama and Musical Theatre at Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation. Kim spearheads this organisation for needy and disadvantaged children in Houtbay, Cape Town. She is a mentor not only to hundreds of children at Amoyo, but also to the parents and her colleagues alike who highly respect and appreciate her advice on self- development in their daily lives. Kim is much more than a life/business coach. She’s a friend, a mentor, a mother, and a professional.

She’s a pleasure to work with, and has strong leadership qualities. Her honesty and kindness amongst other attributes, stand out for me. As a professional Actor/Singer, I understand how vital it is for anyone to establish and maintain a trustworthy relationship in business and more so in life. The fact that most of the children Kim Worrall works with at Amoyo entirely trust and depend on her, to give guidance and confidence with respect, this says a lot about her. She genuinely cares.

Because of the reasons I stated on this testimonial. I strongly recommend Kim Worrall as an outstanding role model who has touched my life within a short period of time I’ve met her, and has changed and continue to inspire young lives. I believe that Kim Worrall can and will, turn anyone’s life, if given an opportunity. I’m forever grateful to have met and work with this woman, who I highly respect and admire.