We would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent work you have done in keeping our marriage/relationship fresh, alive and together. Using your exercises and the resources you gave us has helped us in learning each other’s triggers and helping to understand why we react the way we do.

Since acting on your coaching as a couple we have been making a greater point to talk more frequently about our goals and do more things together as well as deciding on what we want to achieve individually. For the first time in 7 years of knowing each other, 3 years of living together and 1 year of being married we were able to visualise our future together.

For a long time I felt I knew my hubby but I was wrong. Your exercises helped to rediscover and reconnect with the person I fell in love with and also learn things about myself. Not a day goes by without your name being mentioned in our house. We love you so much Kim!

We hope other couples can experience the help you provided us.