I can highly recommend Kim. She is the most incredible entrepreneur – I have known her for many years now and been in awe of her ability to start, run and grow businesses with incredible vision and energy.

Kim is one of the most empathetic and loving people I have ever met. She really cares deeply that other people fulfil their potential and rise above the challenges that hold them back. And she has made it her life purpose to do this.

Kim’s work with disadvantaged children and those who have been affected by crime has received acclaim throughout our community. Her ability to relate to others and step in alongside them with empathy truly enables her to help others define and identify who they really are and their purpose in the world. Kim helps people to live their brilliance by her willingness to see their greatness within and her ability to help those people see their own greatness within.

I can highly recommend Kim and Eyeshine. I have no doubt that through it she will grow and develop all who come into contact with it. All who meet Kim eventually realise how fortunate they are that she has crossed their life path.