Personal & business verbal communication specialist.

Enhancing your life through developing the physicality and emotional intelligence of speech needed to reach your desired success in life.

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SIGN UP & receive your "first" step to success for FREE



Hi, I am Kim.

Loving mother and partner, international voice over artist, leading baby accessory designer (manufacturer, wholesaler & retailer), Speech & Drama teacher L.T.C.L., effective communication coach, Victim Support Counsellor and co-founder and CEO of Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation, a leading training and life skill development non-profit organisation uplifting children in the townships.

Embrace Yourself

Every Day & Shine

The 3 key benefits of my coaching programmes teach you how to:

  1. INTERCEPT your own life.
  2. PROACTIVATE and implement your new skills and ‘path to success’ toolkit.
  3. MAINTAIN mindfulness for continued progress.

How to SHINE

Find the COURAGE to intercept your own life to propel your life forward positively.

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Proactivate yourself – Be INTEGRAL to yourself and get the life you want happening.

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Receive ongoing MINDFULNESS maintenance tools to maintain your victories. Be excited by your own life.

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To speak with sincerity, enthusiasm and from your heart, allows the world to see the best of you…

So do you feel misunderstood in your personal or business life?

The solution is simple: You decide how you want to get your message across , if you don’t like the response back from ‘life’, you need to change something about your output….the way you sound and/or the actual word content –  EYEShine shows you how.

I want to Shine!

And would you like to speak with more ease and self confidence?

Learning the mechanics of speech and voice production is for everybody… When you can talk effectively you can influence people. Exchange self-consciousness for self-confidence. EYEShine shows you how.

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There is simply nothing better than seeing that light-switch go on in someone's eyes when they suddenly discover newfound confidence in communication and realise that some dreams are about to become a reality.